The Art of Bonsai

Bonsai trees have gained popularity around the world in recent years. The art form is an intricate component of feng-shui, since it is highly recommended to place a living creature in an environment that is feng-shui friendly. The cultivation of bonsai has grown over the past few years, mostly due to its many benefits. Find out how you can benefit from the Japanese technique of growing replica trees in your home.

Verbeter je leefomgeving

Het hebben van een mooie boom in je woonkamer is een unieke toevoeging aan je huis. Veel mensen vergeten dat bomen zuurstof produceren door fotosynthese, en dat geldt ook voor bonsai bomen. Door een bonsai in je huis te hebben, wordt je leefruimte natuurlijker, en de lucht in je huis krijgt meer zuurstof en vochtigheid. 

- Verhoogt de sfeer in huis
- Zuivert de lucht
- Houdt de luchtvochtigheid op peil

Improve personal wellbeing

When humans interact with nature, they have a calmer mind, according to several studies. One of nature’s most impressive creations is trees. An object with tremendous strength and power that is able to overcome any challenge. Trees are cherished by humans because they keep us healthy, improve our natural environment, shield us from harsh elements like wind and sunlight, and brighten our moods. The presence of a miniature tree can calm the mind, reduce blood pressure, and reduce psychological stress. It will also boost your creativity as you learn new ways to grow bonsai. 

• Lower stress
• Spark creativity
• Improve general wellbeing

Personal Development

Whether you choose to buy a well-grown bonsai or you choose to grow a bonsai by yourself, it will develop and teach you the ability of patience. Bonsai plants require effort and patience to grow for years at a time. You will discover how to be more focused, patient, and connected to nature. The art of bonsai is a meditation, and over time you will feel more self-awarded. You will get to learn how things affect you inside and how you can control your actions. Bring a bonsai into your home, care for it, make decisions, learn new techniques, and you will notice that this art form will keep adding to your personality.

• Develops ability of patience
• Develops self awareness
• Develops self confidence

Discover what nature can do

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