How to care for

The Bonsai of Yugen

The care of The Bonsai of Yugen is not as difficult as it might seem.
However, there are a few basic guidelines for placement, watering, and repotting.

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A tree in your home creates health and wellness. Spark your creativity and cultivate your patience with the art of bonsai. Master one of natures most remarkable creations.

  • Create a calming living environment

  • Nurture Self-Confidence & Patience

  • Purify air & maintain humidity

  • Lower stress and spark your creativity

Basic rules for


Place the Bonsai of Yugen in a spot with a lot of natural sunlight. Provide a constant room temperature around 21℃. Make sure the tree is not in a place with a lot of drafts.

Basic rules for


Water this bonsai when the soil becomes slightly dry.

Never water routinely. Always check for yourself if the soil gets dry.

It is good to spray the tree with water to keep the leaves moist.

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Follow the instructions on the package of your fertilizer to give your Bonsai proper nutrition.

Mix the fertilizer with water as described on the package and water the bonsai including the fertilizer.

Discover the Bonsai of Yugen

Yugen -"An awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words."

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