Bonsai of Shibui - The Bonsaïst
Bonsai of Shibui - The Bonsaïst
Bonsai of Shibui - The Bonsaïst
Bonsai of Shibui - The Bonsaïst
Bonsai of Shibui - The Bonsaïst
Bonsai of Shibui - The Bonsaïst
Bonsai of Shibui - The Bonsaïst
Bonsai of Shibui - The Bonsaïst
Bonsai of Shibui - The Bonsaïst
Bonsai of Shibui - The Bonsaïst

Bonsai of Shibui


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100% Authentic Bonsai

pot and tray included for free

Including (Free) Bonsai Care Guide

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The bonsai of Shibui shows us what simplicity and minimalism can bring. “Shibui” is the term that describes things that are attractive because of their austerity and restraint. If you prefer unadorned or understated designs, you may have a Shibui sense of style. An idea that participates in a feng shui garden.

Please note: this bonsai is from the Garden Collection, and can only be placed outdoor

Species: Ilex Crenata
Height: ≈ 35cm
Pot: 15cm

* Trees pictured are subject to natural changes depending on different breeding batches. 

Taking care of an Ilex Crenata is relatively easy. The tree likes sun a lot, but also enjoys a bit of shade during the day. This bonsai can withstand drought, but it thrives with a constant slightly moist soil.

Your bonsai will be taken from the greenhouse the same day it is delivered.

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"Top service and beautiful trees!"

Leslie de kroon

July 1, 2022

I have ordered two bonsai trees, one for myself and the other at another address to give as a gift. I just received my own bonsai and it looks fantastic! The tree was properly packed, so that no damage occurred during transport. Despite the fact that the delivery took a little longer (this is because I was called to ask if I could wait a little longer, because the bonsai player did not have the desired “beautiful” trees) the product arrived well and I am very satisfied with your service. Highly recommended! Thanks guys! 👌

"Good fast delivery"

Sergio Leifeld

June 20, 2022

Good fast delivery, well packaged. It is important that the tree does not dry out during transport. This is super! A manual focused on the type of "bonsai" would have been nice. Even if a reference to by-products such as food or scissors would have been optimal, these were unfortunately not included.

"Top company with fantastic service"

Christian Brinks

May 24, 2022

Great company! Besides that the tree looks awfully good, the service is also fantastic. After the first package was lost in the mail, they immediately switched and provided a solution. After a few days they had already sent a replacement tree. In addition, the tree comes with an extensive description of how you can best take care of the tree. If you ever consider buying a Bonsai tree, buy it here! 10/10

"Top service en pracht bomen!"

Leslie de kroon

1 Juli 2022

Ik heb twee bonsai bomen besteld, eentje voor mijzelf en de ander op een ander adres om cadeau te doen. Ik heb zojuist mijn eigen bonsai mogen ontvangen en hij ziet er fantastisch uit! De boom was degelijk verpakt, waardoor er tijdens het transport geen enkele schade is ontstaan. Ondanks dat de levering wat langer duurde (dit omdat ik werd gebeld met de vraag of ik nog even kon wachten, omdat men daar bij de bonsaïst niet de gewenste “mooie” bomen konden leveren) kwam het product goed aan en ben ik hartstikke tevreden met jullie service. Zeker een aanrader! Thanks guys! 👌

"Goede snelle levering"

Sergio Leifeld

20 Juni 2022

Goede snelle levering, die goed verpakt zat. Er word waarde gehecht dat de boom tijdens de transport niet uitdroogt. Dit is super! Een handleiding gericht op het soort “bonsai” was fijn geweest. Eveneens als een verwijs naar bij-producten zoals voeding of schaar was optimaal geweest, echter zaten deze helaas er niet bij.

"Top bedrijf met fantastische service"

Christian Brinks

24 mei 2022

Top bedrijf! Naast dat de boom er verschrikkelijk goed uitziet is de service ook fantastisch. Na dat het eerste pakketje verloren was geraakt in de post hebben ze meteen geschakeld en gezorgd voor een oplossing. Na een paar dagen hadden ze al een vervangende boom opgestuurd. Daarnaast wordt de boom geleverd met een uitgebreide beschrijving van hoe je de boom het best kan verzorgen. Als je ooit overweegt een Bonsaï boom te kopen, koop het hier! 10/10


Shibui - "The muted coolness of simplicity and minimalism."

About this Bonsai

This unique medium-sized bonsai is a Ilex Crenata. The tree is around 8 years old and has its origin in China. The tree is about 35 cm high and can become larger if it is properly cared for. The shape of the pot in which this Bonsai is delivered is rectangular and has a diameter of about 15 centimeters.

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Traditional Pottery

This Bonsai comes in a unique pot with a matching plate made of ceramic material. This pot is designed to drain excess water through the drainage holes on the bottom. The tree and pot together form the 'Bon-sai', which comes from Japanese and means tree in pot.

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Secure Packaging

After testing different ways to pack and ship our trees in the best possible way without damaging them, we developed special packaging to ensure that your bonsai arrives in the best possible condition. We guarantee that your bonsai tree will arrive in a beautiful, healthy condition.

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The Story of Shibui

“Simplicity begins with listening. While walking through the Aokigahara forest, I noticed all the different sounds around me. I was told that the best way to get into a meditative state is to listen. Let yourself listen to all the sounds around you by closing your eyes. Listen to the world's murmurs as if it were music. Do not try to identify what you hear. Simply be aware of the simplicity of sound.”

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