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How to train your Mind for Happiness

Was it memorable the first time you heard a word and then heard it again multiple times? It makes you wonder whether you've heard it before and weren't paying attention, had you?

A simple illustration of how our perceptions and emotions are shaped is the things we pay attention to. Having a positive outlook on life has a lot of advantages. It improves productivity, health, relationships, and life expectancy. Being joyful is also more enjoyable, as anyone who has tried it will vouch. It's okay to feel melancholy sometimes, and trying to talk yourself out of it won't help.

Our perception of the world depends on us and shapes the vision through which we see it. A study found that just 10% of our feelings are influenced by external factors, while the other 90% results from how our brain interprets the world and those external factors. Our brain and body have evolved to respond more strongly to negative than good thoughts.

The inclination in our brains and lives to minimize the importance we give to happy thoughts is something we should learn to do better. As a result, we end up being more depressed.

So, how can we change our thinking in a real sense? How can we alter our brains? Our brains are capable of rewiring to make us happier. Choosing and cultivating a positive outlook on life is a lifelong endeavor. 

Without further ado, below are some tips or ways to train your brain for happiness: 

1) Honest Introspection and Reflection 

The simple process of introspection and questioning will lead you to begin thinking more positively. Make it a point to reflect on a few good things each day. No matter how horrible you think, your day was, finding the good stuff will help you adjust your perspective on it. Frequently checking in with yourself to see if you're focusing on the positive will help you remember to do so. Most people nowadays are a little too hard on themselves. When you focus on the negative aspects of your past, you'll be unable to move on. Self-compassion relates to many positive outcomes, from improved mental health and body image to higher self-worth and motivation. This is why it's a good idea to treat yourself the way you would treat a close friend. If you surround yourself with joyful and optimistic people, you'll be more likely to smile and laugh. Do not allow anyone, even family members, to drain you of your good energy, no matter how close you are. What a fantastic start! 

2) Practice gratitude  

Much research has shown that being thankful for even the tiniest blessings can make you happier. Make it a habit to think of 3 things you are grateful for each morning before you get out of bed. Make the practice of asking each other what they are thankful for a regular part of your family life. There are many ways to remind yourself of something to be grateful for daily. Choose the one that works best for you. Researchers have discovered several health and happiness benefits associated with an attitude of gratitude. One study showed that grateful people are 25% happier than those who aren't. Writing in a diary or talking about what you're thankful for each morning while eating breakfast will enable you to develop the habit of finding the good in life. It's one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve overall health and happiness. Anxiety and exhaustion are inevitable consequences of attempting to control our own lives and others. Let go of the things that aren't in your control, you can't change, and rely on your best efforts for the time being. Be gentle with yourself if you find it difficult to let go, as it takes time and patience. 

3) Develop a habit of writing

Spending a few minutes daily writing about the stuff that made you joyful is well worth the effort. Journaling is a simple way to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness. Make a list of three things for which you are grateful right now. When we come up with an attitude of gratitude, we experience an increase in happiness. If you focus on the positive, the bad will have less room to grow. The key to happiness is to keep repeating a brief, meaningful phrase. Even a basic Quote like "Enjoy the little things" is a good starting point. As time goes on, you'll begin to accept it as fact. 

4) Meditation  

One of the most practical yet effective methods for creating mental discipline is to practice meditation. Meditation is a form of mental exercise. It saves and protects you from the harmful effects of negative thinking. Mindful meditation may help to activate new brain networks enhancing brain function, creativity, focus, mood, and emotional stability. There is a first step in changing the habits that give us problems by strengthening our ability to observe our thoughts. As a result, we can focus, obtain clarity, and cultivate a sense of calm. Consistency is the most critical factor. Begin by meditating for no more than fifteen minutes each day, and then work your way up. 

5) Minimize the use of electronic devices and stay close to nature 

We live in a digital era; it can lead to exhaustion and a lack of focus. Organize your digital life by reducing the notifications you receive on your phone or setting aside time each week to unplug. These changes should allow you to devote your full attention to the essential things in your life. Try to spend time close to nature, and you can either do physical activities like trekking or running or sit and relax. Spending time in nature and the natural elements of the universe can help people recover their mental well-being. You can maintain a connection with indoor plants such as bonsais to feel relaxed. Nature has the ability help alleviate tension in your body making it your best friend. 

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