Our contribution
to a better world

Sustainability is one of our top priorities and part of our commitment to making the world a better place. We have set the bar high in terms of sustainability with specific targets. We want to make our sustainability efforts as clear as possible on this page.

Through our activities and operations, The Bonsaïst aims to positively impact society and the environment. Our goal is to maintain a healthy business while making a positive impact. Despite the fact that it is not easy, we promise to strive as hard as we can to achieve this goal.

Our Products and Sourcing

We import all of our products directly from Asia. To ensure fair trade, the bonsai growers are carefully selected. We maintain direct contact with the partners where all our bonsai are sourced.

Our Packaging

We use 95% environmentally friendly / recycled materials in our packaging. For the pot of the bonsai, we must unfortunately use some plastic to wrap it. It is necessary to do this in order to maintain the bonsai's moisture when it is shipped to the customer. As part of our efforts to provide fully sustainable packaging, we are testing other materials that can provide the same solution.

Our Shipment

In order to ship our bonsai, we work with DHL, the world's largest logistic company. As an industry leader and an example, this company must lead the way in sustainability. According to DHL, everything revolves around one goal: "Connecting People. Improving Lives." In order to achieve this, it needs a clear strategy, a roadmap to sustainability. Read more about DHL's sustainability goals.

Our Partnership with Eden

Our goal is to make the world a better place together with Eden Reforestation Projects. This non-profit organization works directly with local communities to restore forests on a large scale. In doing so, they create jobs for local people and help combat climate change.

Read more about Eden