About us

Our inspiration

The Bonsaïst was founded 2022, inspired by the power that nature can bring. We truly believe that living without a connection between nature and soul cannot fulfill, and that a life constricted by impatience is not a life that satisfies. Instead one must take the time to live and embrace the unexpected journey fate has to offer. Life is simple. We complicate a lot. You learn the essence of life by paying attention to the simple things that surround you. We aim to convey this thought and bring people closer to themselves and nature through the art of Bonsai.

Our goal

To unplug from the world

We are facing an issue that is becoming bigger than ever in the modern world, and there is a good chance you are contributing to it. People are often overwhelmed by the pressures of modern life and feel overwhelmed by the demands they have to meet. The constant connection, the attempt to do too much, and the lack of prioritization all contribute to stress.

We truly believe we can make the world a happier place by introducing the western world to oriental living philosophies that can bring peace of mind and structure to peoples' lives. It is our goal is to help you boost your resilience and well-being. We aim to provide you with what you need to make your living environment a place of calm, peace, and tranquility that unplugs you from the busy world.


Authentic Bonsai

Our collection of Bonsai trees consist of indoor and outdoor bonsai and are imported from Japan, China, Korea, and Indonesia. With the help of people with years of experience and good contacts with the producers in the producing countries, we are able to offer you the best variety on the market. In bonsai nurseries renowned for their bonsai trees, the trees are selected on the spot, so we can provide you with only the healthiest and most beautiful trees out there. 

Ficus, Zelkova, Carmona, and Ligustrum are among the varieties of indoor bonsai we offer. Indoor bonsai are supplemented throughout the year. The new collection of outdoor bonsai (Japan and Korea) arrives in January and February and includes species like Podocarpus, Ilex Crenata, Pseudolarix, and Atropurpureum.

A good cause

Join the journey

We are very proud to partner with Eden reforestation projects to create a better world. This unique organization works directly with the villages and communities that suffer from extreme poverty due to deforestation and destruction of the land that sustains them. Eden employs thousands of local villagers and provides them with all the training and tools necessary to plant millions of trees each year and grow them to maturity.

Currently, Eden plants approximately 15 million trees per month. We make a small contribution by planting a tree with every Bonsai sold. On the whole, this is a very tiny part. But we believe that every little bit helps to create a better world.